MoreThanAJob in Palestine contributes to introduce the concept of Social and Solidarity Economy sector and its impact on employment


On Wednesday, December 14, 2022, An-Najah National University in partnership with the Palestinian National Economic Empowerment Institution (PNEEI), launched the activities of the First Conference on poverty and economic empowerment in the state of Palestine at Zafir Al-Masri Auditorium-Old Campus.

The Nablus Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with An-Najah National University, MoreThanAJob project's partners, participated in the conference which was attended by a group of experts, researchers, interested students, and representatives from various agencies and institutions of public and private sectors in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The event included a discussion about the importance of improving the cooperation between Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) actors and the public administration (PA) in the employment and social services fields with reference to MoreThanAJob project

The concept of SSE and its impact on employment policies in Palestine was mainly highlighted during the conference. The national strategic plans that aim at improving the situation of marginalized Palestinians by fostering social inclusion, combating poverty, and advancing economic and social growth were also discussed.

The event was an opportunity to introduce the conference’s attendees to learn more about the activities and achievements of the MoreThanAJob project, and to invite them to attend a workshop titled: “Dissemination of the results of MoreThanAJob sub-granted Projects in Palestine” that is planned to be conducted in Palestine by the end of December 2022.