Green electricity for Bishmizzine village hub -Lebanon.
B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
B.4.3: Renewable energy and energy efficiency -Support cost-effective and innovative energy rehabilitations relevant to building types and climatic zones, with a focus on public buildings
Install PhotoVoltaic panels on each place in Bishmizzine village to reduce consumption of diesel generators to produce electricity to the household.
To help the Greater Municipality of Bishmizzine region improve the quality of air and life for its citizens and neighbors complying with the National Policy on Climate Change (NPCC) via installation of solar energy on the new and existing buildings reaching lower polluted atmosphere.
The specific objectives of the action are:
1-Reduce pollution in Koura department (50 villages).
2-Creation of jobs and specializations.
3-Increase awareness towards renewable energy.
4-Integrated urban development.
5-Strengthen local governance.
6-Ensure social inclusiveness of the residents.
7-Improve resilience towards electricity shortage.
8-People are less often sick.
9-Money saved on health and electricity.
10-Women and unskilled would find jobs locally.
11-People communicate better having in common green clean electricity.
1- Greater Municipality of Bishmizzine region becomes leader in Solar energy installations in Lebanon.
2- Students focus on environment majors in school and university. (120 students presently).
3- Jobs created for 10 unemployed citizens, related to renewable energy.
4- Elderly people communicate more and better.
5- Municipality has a stronger contribution to the village people.
6- Decrease in jobless women and unskilled residents.
7- New construction regulations will include mandatory Solar energy. A good example for other regions in Lebanon and EU.
Request sent to EU.
European NGO, US AID, Mercy Corps, etc.
2.3 M Euros.
Public body
Bishmmizzine Koura