Capitalization of MESP Project
B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
B.4.4 Integrated coastal zone management
The good practice to be capitalized is an holistic approach to the environmental management of ports that takes into account in an organic and coordinated way the different impacts on the coastal environment and on neighboring urban areas. Air, water and sound pollution are studied at the same time in order to define an integrated environmental management. This approach identifies solutions and interventions capable of mitigating the impact of ports and in its various aspects and which allows a harmonious and sustainable development of port activities in the different countries of the Mediterranean area. Consequently, we propose a capitalization that takes place by linking MESP with three other projects: one concerning air pollution due to port activities, one that considers water pollution and the last one that deals with the topic of port noise mitigation.
- To reduce pollution in concerned ports and nearby urban areas
- Sustainable development
- Develop and deepen an holistic approach to pollution (air, water, noise)
- International networking
- Improvement of the life quality of port users and local populations
- Encourage the development of the Mediterranean area by making it more inclusive and sustainable
Partner that can be linked to the proposed capitalization of the MESP project and therefore that can deal with the reduction of air or water or noise pollution due to port activities.
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