BBERLIN’s green innovation mission presented during mobility conference in Greece


It is commonly accepted that the world needs to transform habits and practices to guarantee a sustainable and prosperous future for the next generations. The energy and transportation sectors need profound improvements to become more environmentally friendly and this can only be achieved through major innovations. BERLIN aims to contribute towards this goal by addressing the issue of high energy consumption of buildings that is mainly fossil – fuelled, by achieving higher grid penetration of renewable energy sources while maintaining grid stability and power quality.

Our partner, the University of Western Macedonia, presented BERLIN at the Green Mobility Conference of which was held in Kozani between the 9th and 10th of June 2022. The participants had the chance to be informed by Dr. Georgios Christoforidis about BERLIN’s pilot activities, the online tool and the scientific results of the project. The attendees were of diverse backgrounds including academics, stakeholders, scientific community, companies, policy makers, distribution system operators and electricity providers.

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