Med-EcoSuRe gathers key regional actors to drive building energy renovation through public-private partnerships


On Thursday 26th of May 2022, SOLARTYS, partner of Med-EcoSuRe, organized a University Business Forum, on “Driving building energy renovation through public-private partnerships”, at Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona, Spain), with the possibility to follow on-line the streaming session on SOLARTYS YouTube channel.

The main objective of the Forum was to bring together policymakers, representatives from higher education and businesses, and other stakeholders, to debate and propose innovative financing schemes, organizational structures, and partnerships in order to accelerate the energy retrofitting of the university building across the Mediterranean. 

The event gathered than 70 participants (physically and virtually) including regional authorities, energy agencies, financing institutions, energy managers, private companies, researchers...

Mr Ricardo SÁNCHEZ-BLANCO, Deputy Director General for EU External Relations and Trade at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation and ENI CBC Med national contact point, was invited also to the event where he highlighted the importance of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation projects like Med-EcoSuRe, that help to fight against climate change – in line with the regional orientations.

The first part of the event started with the presentation of ENI CBC Med Projects. For the matter, four projects were presented to the audience: SEACAP 4SDG, NEX-LABS, BEEP,and Med-EcoSuRe. The main objective of this part was to share experiences and knowledge about what has been accomplished so far and to learn how these projects are addressing together common challenges and tackling thematic objectives and priorities while focusing on the implementation the building renovation process through public-private partnerships

Afterwards, the presentations focused on:

  • The regional renovation strategy in Catalonia and the role of the private entity in drafting and implementing this strategy, focusing on the energy efficiency and energy saving solutions that are being implemented.
  • The analysis of Energy Service Companies (ESCO) in Spain and the promotion of innovative service business models through public procurement, as well as a review on the ESCOs model and the Spanish ESCO market.
  • Testimonies of private entities previously involved in public-private initiatives.

The second part of the event was dedicated to a Round Table, during which was discussed the challenges that the universities are facing while implementing energy retrofitting actions; best practices and lessons learnt from projects based on Public Procurement of Innovation; how public-private partnerships can be fostered; the involvement of private companies; and the role of associations like SOLARTYS in public-private partnerships.

Finally, the University Business Forum was concluded with a Networking session, where private companies, among others, could present their innovative solutions and afterwards, participants were invited to discuss and exchange knowledge on “the role of private companies in Public Procurement of Innovation” and “challenges and solutions for energy renovation in buildings”.

An online questionnaire was shared with the attendees, in order to gather their inputs and match their interests with speakers and SMEs participating in the event.

Check below:

The agenda of the event

A video coverage of the event

The full event video