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Supporting Eco-Entrepreneurship with RESMYLE: An Extract of Achievements

Through 6 ecoincubators, more than 200 young people were supported and 130 projects accompanied!

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RESMYLE: Eco-entrepreneurship revolution in five countries

RESMYLE, a real catalyst for 200 Lebanese, Tunisian, French, Jordanian and Italian young people towards the creation of 130 sustainable businesses.

iHERITAGE project in Portugal: a tool to promote the Mediterranean diet and diversify tourism

Discover how iHERITAGE in Portugal promotes Mediterranean diet, listed on UNESCO intangible cultural heritage asset since 2013. Mediterranean diet is also a mean to attract vi…

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PPI4MED in Spain provides training on PPI to different innovation sectors

After a 36 hours long training programme that included two separate modules, one for buyers and another one for sellers of technology, four masterclasses, one case study, and …

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Plastic Busters CAP took part in United Nations Climate Change Conference ‘COP28’  in Dubai

Plastic Busters CAP project took part at the United Nations Climate Change Conference ‘COP28’  in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with a side event "The Mediterranean leading…

Mediterranean greetings

As 2023 concludes, we wanted to thank our vibrant Mediterranean community for another remarkable year filled with fruitful cooperation.

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Plastic Busters Cap engaged more than 200 participants for the Final Conference: together for litter free Mediterranean

More than 200 participants took part to the Plastic Busters Cap Final Conference on 8th November in Aqaba Jordan (Intercontinental Hotel) an…

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MedTOWN seeds keep on growing, but we say goodbye for now!

More than ever, co-production makes stronger & more resilient societies, more just & inclusive. Thank you for your commitment & support! See you at our Community of Practice.