With 5000 euros in the pipeline and priceless new skills, the beneficiaries of BESTMEDGRAPE are ready for entrepreneurship


As part of the implementation of the BESTMEDGRAPE project in Tunisia, the CNSPBA-UTICA team (Tunisian partner of BESTMEDGRAPE) organized the “BESTMEDGRAPE days” series of events which aim to allow the Tunisian beneficiaries of the project to access the local ecosystem and get to know the most important stakeholders in different fields related to the grape value chain and exchange with them.

Each of these days was dedicated to themes and topics of great added value on the professional and personal level of our future entrepreneurs.

The agenda of the first day was as varied as enriching. The participants were able to acquire a lot of knowledge and know-how in terms of the legal and financing framework for the start-up in Tunisia, the winemaking process, the research and innovation potential in viticulture, and the Customer Relationship Management at the service of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

As for the speakers of the second day, who were all highly qualified experts in the sector, they focused on the “means of conservation of the grape by-products”; the “organic, sustainable and ecological products certification" and the “marketing and sales techniques” for companies working in the viticulture, grape valorization, and wineries. All these issues are undoubtedly crucial for young entrepreneurs who are preparing to start their own business and who need to be properly skilled for it.

The last meeting was distinguished by the presence of leading international specialists in the world of cosmetics, business creation and start-up mentoring who gave presentations on “how to make a successful pitch”, which is of great importance to the project beneficiaries, on the “means of financing and investment in Tunisia” who are for most young people with ideas, endless circuits, difficult to identify and to access. Another session was held on “the global cosmetics market” which is a potential market offering a lot of opportunities for some of our future entrepreneurs who want to process grape waste in the production of beauty products.

These 03 “BESTMEDGRAPE days” were closed with the recognition of their great interest in consolidating links between the Tunisian ecosystem and the future entrepreneurs of the project, in the process of development and technological and ecological innovation. Participants were also able to establish contacts with the ecosystem, see the future steps of their entrepreneurial pathways more clearly and structurally, and ask several questions that were on their minds