Agro-food: MedSNAIL in Spain shares local results of the project at the VIII Ecoencounter in Almócita

FAMP edition

The Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP), as lead partner of MedSNAIL, has held the final local event of the project in Almócita (Almería), a municipality belonging to the Andarax Valley region, pilot area selected by FAMP for the implementation of MedSNAIL in Andalusia.

This conference has had two capitalisation actions: a technical seminar aimed at local producers and business associations, and a presentation aimed at public institutions and key actors of the territory in the field of agri-food in the VIII Ecoencounter of Almócita. These two actions were also disseminated to the interested general public.

The capitalisation seminar took place in the Almócita Municipal Theatre and focused on the evaluation of MedSNAIL's trajectory in the region by the producers who have actively participated in its development. It has also offered a space for debate to make a collective balance and to study the possibility of using the tools of the project and the spaces generated during its implementation to increase cooperation between agents of the food chain in the Andarax Valley.

In addition, the FAMP technical team in MedSNAIL has held a meeting with the Association for Economic Promotion and Rural Development of the Alpujarra-Sierra Nevada of Almeria, a key institutional actor in the territory in terms of local and rural development whose action has been aligned with the objectives of the project in the valley and that, after the conclusion of MedSNAIL, will serve as an active information point that brings together the main results and tools generated by the project.

VIII Ecoencounter of Almócita

MedSNAIL's participation in the VIII Ecoencounter of Almócita, which in this eighth edition has had the theme "Approaches in ecosocial transition", has taken place through a presentation entitled "The agri-food system of the Andarax Valley as a pilot experience of the European project MedSNAIL". FAMP has devoted this intervention to explain to the audience what has been the impact of MedSNAIL in the Andarax Valley, from the selection of the region as a pilot area for the local implementation of the project to the actions developed and its legacy.



The VIII Ecoencounter is presented as a space for reflection and debate for the generation of environmental sustainability actions, organised by the Asociación Trotamundos Animado and the City Council of Almócita with the collaboration of the Diputación de Almería, the Guadalinfo Centre of Almócita for digitalisation and FAMP.