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Our third issue brings the achievements and outcomes of the First Series of Stakeholder Workshops, which were organized on the theme “Changing the paradigm on wastewater treatment and reuse”.

IRMCo team leaders, Ms Anna Spiteri and Dirk De Ketelaere in the AQUACYCLE partnership, report from Malta on the stakeholder events which took place in Lebanon on July 25, in Tunisia on September 22 as well as the webinar they joined in Spain on October 8, 2020.

Their reporting looks at the achievements, including the media coverage and video clips produced, as well as at the make-up of the audience at each of the events. They also distilled some of the main outcomes. By and large the outcomes of the events amplified the findings from the SWOT analysis of the local governance framework that was conducted by the respective AQUACYCLE teams in Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia.

Don’t miss out on the video clips of the workshops in Lebanon and Tunisa, and our most recent additions on AQUACYCLE’s dedicated YouTube channel: the clips sharing the outcomes of the SWOT Analysis with a choice of reading up on the outcomes in English, French or Spanish.