ARCES Association, partner of CLUSTER in Italy, launches a tender for the provision of training services

ARCES Association

ARCES Association, partner of the CLUSTER project aiming at fighting the social exclusion of women and young NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) in the Region of Sicily by enhancing their marketable skills, is seeking new trainers to carry out the courses that will start in the coming months.

Required profiles

In order to achieve the objectives set by the project, ARCES is interested in the following professional figures as expert trainers:

  • 1 Trainer for the Food Processing module
  • 1 Trainer for the Hydroponics module
  • 1 Trainer for the Aquaponics module
  • 1 Trainer for the Organic Farming" module
  • 1 Trainer for the Transversal Skills (Soft Skills) module
  • 1 Trainer for the Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) module

Applications will be considered from expert Trainers with multisectoral skills acquired in the modules listed above.


Participation requirements

The requirements necessary to apply, as requested by ARCES are:

  • Food Processing module: Degree in the AGRIFOOD sector (L-26 or equivalent)
  • Hydroponics module: Degree in AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES (L-25 or equivalent)
  • Aquaponics module: Degree in PLANT AND ANIMAL BIOLOGY (L-13 or equivalent)
  • Organic Farming module: Degree in AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES (L-25 or equivalent)
  • Transversal Skills (Soft Skills) module: Degree in WORK PSYCHOLOGY (L-24 or equivalent)
  • CSR module: Degree in BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (L-18 or equivalent)

In addition, the following will also be considered:

  • Previous employment in the training sector for the module/sector for which the application is submitted;
  • An English language level equal to or higher than B1/B2

Finally, it should be noted that it will be possible to apply for more than one professional figure.


Evaluation and selection of candidates

ARCES will evaluate candidates based on their responsiveness to the Call with a key focus on:

  • General and additional qualifications: general education and training, duration of experience, positions held, period as a consultant, experience in Sicily.
  • Suitability for the position: education, training, experience in the sector, and other relevant information for the particular position.
  • Experience in carrying out similar assignments in the past (for example, preparing self-recorded training sessions, organizing field visits, administering an e-learning platform, etc.).

Candidates will demonstrate their skills in the above-mentioned sectors by attaching their CV, as well as any other relevant documents (certificates, qualifications, etc.). Consultations with references provided for previous assignments may be made to confirm the CV.


Duration of the call

Interested applicants can submit their applications until 27 March by following the instructions laid out here.

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