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ARTOLIO Jaén 2022: Agriculture, Knowledge and Branding in the first meeting point for project partners and farmers.

After a year and a half since the start of the project, it has been impossible for all partners of the ARTOLIO project to meet in the same place because of the security measures regarding the pandemic. Until now, it has been of utmost importance to keep a healthy social distance. Now that the partners are able to meet, however, they fervently await the chance to meet each other. 

For the purpose to assess the advances and progress the project has achieved so far and to highlight the main goals from here onwards, a meeting will be held in Jaen from the 28th to the 30th of March. 

The first day of the meeting, ARTOLIO's new branding as well as the project's marketing global platform will be presented. Additionally the results of the work and management App the farmers have already started using will also be shown and discussed. There will be an olive oil tasting event of the 2021 harvest, so that the partners can rate them accordingly and discuss the quality and their classification according to the organoleptic results of the oils from each region. 

The second day will be dedicated to the round tables, to tackle all matters —agronomic, marketing and research— from a general perspective. The round tables are meant to put the general ideas into perspective and decide on solutions to the problems and discussions presented throughout the duration of the project. There will be a tour around the city of Jaen as well as the gala dinner, so that all partners and beneficiaries will have the opportunity to interact outside working conditions and enjoy the typical Spanish cuisine.

Lastly, on the last day of the meeting, the ARTOLIO team will visit two of the lands of the farmers of the area, both to get to know them and to discuss the more technical aspects and inner workings of the harvesting of the area. The project believes in the constant exchange of knowledge between the participants, so that they can implement their shared experience to incorporate beneficial techniques to the tending of their own groves. 



09:30 / Opening - University of Jaen: The meeting will be welcomed by Juan Gomez, Manuel Parras, rector of the University of Jaen, and Sebastián Sánchez, ARTOLIO partner of the Jaen region. 

10:00 / Summary of the project so far: A briefing of all the progress obtained and the main issues to tackle during the meeting. 

11:20 / Harvest season report: A more detailed insight on the condition of the groves of each region and the product estimation. 

12:00 / Branding: A summary of the progress made in the branding and marketing department, the inner workings of the global platform and the issue of the seal of quality. 

14:00 / Oil quality results: An overview of each region's olive oil quality tests. The aim is to learn how to classify them in regards to 

15:00 - 18:00/ Project progress (All partners report). 


09:30 - 13:00 / Organoleptic analysis guidance: The organoleptic results will be a decisive factor to identify the quality of each oil and whether they can be considered extra virgin olive oil or not. 

14:00 - 17:00 / Round tables: Marketing; Agronomy; Oil quality.

18:00 - 19:00 / Jaen City Tour.

21:00 / Gala dinner.



09:30 - 17:00 / Field trip: In which there will be a visit to two olive groves and one mill from the Jaen region.

18:00 / Meeting summary: A briefing of the whole meeting, to further stress the main ideas and conclusions. 





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