ARTOLIO presents: Why should we have extra virgin olive oil?


Olive oil is the axis of the ARTOLIO project. It is the focus of its efforts, and the central piece that gathers all interests between the partners and the farmers that are a part of it. In itself, olive oil does not only constitute a symbol of Mediterranean culture, but it is also a product that contributes to our health. It is usually added to the food, either to cook it or as a complement. Either way its flavor is notorious for its variety and aftertaste. However, because efficiently made extra virgin olive oil contains a lot of advantageous properties, some go as far as to drink it, but is this advisable? 

Extra virgin olive oil is full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and can potentially help prevent chronic diseases, although this is yet a subject of research. However, it is undeniable that extra virgin olive oil is a heart-healthy fat. Normally, fats are associated with weight gain, but the fats that are natural, that are objectively good, also come with a variety of advantages that are not to be missed. For instance, consuming extra virgin olive oil will help stabilize the amount of sugar in blood, which leads to less potential heart diseases. Moreover, since the oil contains anti-inflammatory elements like oleocanthal, it is also known to help relieve casual pain. On top of that, a healthy consumption of three spoonfuls a day can even contribute to the bone structure and density of our bodies. It is a jack of all trades.

The ARTOLIO team is aware that extra virgin olive oil is not only a product of Mediterranean culture, but also an ingredient that can contribute greatly to one’s personal growth and health. That is the reason why sustainable methods of production and bio alternatives to mass production must be encouraged, because the more natural a product is, the healthier it will be.