Behind the scenes: meet the NEX-LABS partners! Issue #2

Photo credits: cowomen via Unsplash

In this issue you will learn more about  our Tunisian partner Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Center (CCIC), through the eyes of Ms Faten Seffen, Head of the International Department and Communication.

Tell us more about your organization

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Center (CCIC) in Tunisia is a public establishment under the governance of the ministry in charge of trade. Its main role is to accompany and assist the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) during each stage of their development. It promotes entrepreneurship, ensures training to respond to permanent needs of companies and facilitate the integration of young people into working life. It promotes exports and contributes to the development of the region’s economy and investment.

What is your role at CCIC?

Head of the International Department and Communication,  my role is to develop a large networking with chambers of commerce abroad, national & international institutions and conclude cooperation agreements; organize economic missions abroad, international business forums, brokerage events, ensure contacts with mass-media and edit the electronic revue of the Chamber.

What is your background and how does that background contribute to NEX-LABS?

As head of the international department at the CCIC for more than 20 years and having an experience in European projects and a large network at the national and international level (public and private sector), this background helped me to support the implementation of NEX-LABS project activities.

What is your role in the NEX-LABS project, what are you currently working on?

As a local coordinator, I built a high-performance team, support the implementation of the activities of the project, ensure communication& visibility of NEX-LABS, impulse Water, Energy and Food (WEF) entrepreneurship & SMEs and support NEXUS driven Open Living Labs (NDOLLs) implementation.

What are your expectations in the NEX-LABS project? What do you think will have major impact for the Mediterranean community?

Scientific solutions for WEF, facilitate implementation of NDOLLS in Mediterranean Partner Countries region, create and integrated WEF clusters between euro Mediterranean partners, capacity building for startups and Technology Transfer Offices.

What are your interests outside the project and your work? 

Swimming, gardening and having good time with my family and friends