BERLIN: Are you interested in becoming a member of the Intelligent Utilization of Photovoltaic Technology Hub in the Mediterranean region (IUPVMED)?


What is the IUPVMED Hub?

The Intelligent Utilization of Photovoltaic Technology Hub in the Mediterranean region (IUPVMED) investigates the integration of photovoltaics (PV), energy storage systems (ESS), and demand side management (DSM), under the concept of a hybrid nanogrid system.

What is the aim of the Hub?

The aim of the Hub is to promote the wider adoption of distributed energy resources (DER) in the Mediterranean (MED) area, in the form of PV+ESS+DSM and share information on regional legislation among participating countries, regarding this technology and to propose strategies to aid its promotion. Also, it aims to be a leading source for supporting research collaboration, dissemination, and technology transfer in the MED area in the field.

Who can participate?

The Hub consists of a wide range of key stakeholders in the field, including but not limited to distribution and transmission system operators, regulatory authorities, consultants, installers, engineers in the wider field of DERs, scientific community.

What members can gain?

Members can exchange information, experiences and ideas on current regional situations regarding PV+ESS+DSM systems in participating countries, and potentially collaborate with other experts and key stakeholders in the field.

Meetings: The IUPVMED Hub holds annual meetings monitored by a representative of the University of Cyprus. Additional ad-hoc meetings may be organised considering any major developments in the field, such as major changes in the legislation of a participating country. The annual meeting of 2022 is scheduled to take place in February.

For those who are interested to become member of the Hub you may contact: Alexandros Arsalis,