BERLIN project presented at MEDPOWER conference 2020 during the session “Energy Efficiency and Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions”


On 11 November 2020, the BERLIN project delivered a presentation at the 2020 Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Energy Conversion (MEDPOWER 2020). Although, the conference was originally planned to be held in Paphos, Cyprus, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was organized online.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Cyprus local network with the contribution of the IET Greece and Malta networks organized the 12th international MEDPOWER conference. MEDPOWER 2020 provided the opportunity for engineers, scientists, technicians, researchers, scholars and companies to exchange ideas and discuss the latest research achievements in academia and industry. The conference covered all aspects of power system design, operation, and planning, including the integration of ICT and energy systems as well as addressing challenges in the future energy markets.

During the session entitled “Energy Efficiency and Reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions”, BERLIN shed light on the design of a nanogrid, consisting of a photovoltaic system and an energy storage system, able to perform demand-side management (DSM) for addressing the high-energy consumption that is common in fossil-fuel buildings and increasing their energy efficiency. Through the implementation of this solution, higher grid penetration of renewable energy sources will be achieved, while maintaining grid stability and power quality, aiming at reducing the CO2 footprint on the building sector and paving the way towards green, innovative and sustainable buildings.