BERLIN project presents its energy-efficient solutions for public buildings to the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Israel


We are honoured to announce that Prof. Erez Gal of Ben Gurion University, partner of BERLIN consortium, was invited by the EU Delegation to Israel, to speak about the project before the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the State of Israel. The aim of the event was to present EU-funded projects which have positive environmental impact. We are honoured that BERLIN was selected to be presented at this event which took place on 31st  of May. 

In fact, Ben Gurion University emphasized the project’s main scope to implement cross-border pilot measures to support innovative and cost-effective energy rehabilitations in public buildings based on the nano-grid concept, the building block for smart microgrids. Also, our partner described the main expected outcomes of the project, as well as the pilot sites in Israel where the new technology will be installed.