BERLIN was presented at the International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering


Between 7th and 10th of September, the 21st International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC) was held in Bari, Italy in a hybrid mode, due to COVID-19 travel-related difficulties.

BERLIN project partner, the University of Western Macedonia, participated in the EEEIC presenting the paper entitled “Enhancing Self-Sufficiency in Buildings with Hybrid PV-Battery Systems and Demand Side Management: A Sizing Tool”. The paper is based on the work carried out in the framework of Output 4, which concerns tools development for renovating public buildings with Photovoltaic (PV), Energy Storage Systems (ESS), and Demand Side Management (DSM) and more specifically the development of an online tool for sizing and operation of PV+ESS+DSM hybrid.

Three objectives functions are defined, describing the Self-Sufficiency Rate, the Net-Present Value of the investment in PV and BESS, and their combination in a joint expression, respectively. Two analysis methods are developed within the tool to find the optimal solution.

The scientific paper can be downloaded from the following link: