BESTMEDGRAPE and Lebanese songs both share interest in grapes, discover how!


“Enab”, “Aarichi”, “Aankoud”, “Karem” … All these names and more are in Arabic written in the English alphabet to help you, our readers, pronounce them and read them. Why? You will know when you finish reading this article.

These names go for “grape”, “grape pergola”, “cluster of grapes”, and “vineyard”.

Through this article, we hope you can travel with us, in your thoughts and minds to a small country in the middle east, named “Lebanon”. 


Welcome to Lebanon!


Although Lebanon is going through a very difficult time and things are not the same as before… Although, most of the time, it is recognized as a hot spot in the middle east… But for sure there are 4 things you cannot miss mentioning when you talk about this little piece on Earth: hospitality, “Tabbouleh and Kebbeh Nayye” (Lebanese well-known food), skiing in the mountains in the morning, and getting to swim in the sea in the afternoon, and of course Fayrouz (a superstar singer well known in Lebanon and the world).


Love, War, and Grapes….


The people of Lebanon, especially in the countryside, are well known for their hospitality. If you are local or foreign you are always welcome to join for a fresh cup of tea. When you pass by any house in any village you will hear the sentence “Mayyel nechrah Ahwe tahet l Aariche” (come on in, let’s have a coffee under the grape pergola”. The grape pergola is a part of almost every house in the villages of Lebanon, it is kind of a tradition to have at least one in front of the house. And from there, a lot of songs were written based on this tradition. Love songs, dance songs, and even national songs. Fayrouz and the Rahbani Brothers, (who are considered a school in writing and composing Lebanese songs) insist on mentioning the grape pergola, vineyards, and grapes in a very large number of songs, others too like Wadih El Safi and Sabah (also well-known Lebanese singers) mentions these words in their songs.

Even during the civil war, dark comedy plays were made by Lebanese artists that mention the grapes and the pergola to refer to the lovely, beautiful Lebanon that we miss and wish for.


Listen, enjoy and meet the Golden area of Lebanon…


At the beginning of this article, we mentioned a few words that you will hear in these songs that we will share with you. We wrote it in the English alphabet so you can identify it when you listen to the songs.

After all, music is the common language of all the people in this universe even when they speak different languages and have different cultures, so we hope you enjoy our selection of the best that Lebanon provided in terms of art.