BESTMEDGRAPE attracts potential entrepreneurs from different backgrounds even from the world of music!


What brings an artist to BESTMEDGRAPE? 

You may wonder what will bring an artist to science and business! 
Our next interviewee is one of the potential entrepreneurs from France, Krim Bouslama. Krim is a passionate musician. He moved from one job to another, he worked as an educator for social structures, in theatres as machinist, actor, musician…, in cinema as assistant manager, extra…, he was a salesman once and more… 
And one goal was on his mind, making music.

Another interesting side in Krim is that he believes in the power of nature to heal, and from that point he was interested in BESTMEDGRAPE and he hopes that the project will help him to develop his knowledge in this area.

Sharing is caring…

Krim has his own ideas about the project. Sharing knowledge and live experience is one of them. “I would like to create a place where people could buy fresh cosmetics and food, elaborated on the spot by my team. I also want to give people access to the lab so they can try their own ideas or at least learn the methods I’ve collected” he says.

The musicians' intention is to work in the local market, but that doesn’t make him feel less enthusiastic about sharing ideas and knowledge with entrepreneurs from all over the Mediterranean.