BESTMEDGRAPE: new entrepreneur produces grape seed oil in Tunisia


In the framework of BESTMEDGRAPE, an entrepreneurial project was born in Tunisia, a perfect fusion between tradition and innovation.

We asked Rafik Boukhris, a new entrepreneur, five questions about his creation, the seed grape oil: discover with us his project through his answers!

First, tell us about your idea, the production of grape seed oil from grape waste. How were you inspired?

Several points led me to the choice of this project:

1) it makes possible to highlight the treasures of my country, Tunisia, and its ancestor culture of grapes, which dates from the Phoenician era;

2) it is part of the circular economy, because it is about the transformation of the grape waste;

3) it is a question of enhancing the benefits made of grape seed oil, already used by our ancestors.

What will this idea add to the market or the society? In other terms, what makes it worth to be executed?

It allows the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and agri-food industry to replace chemical with a purely natural product.

Why do you think this idea will succeed when you move to the business-wise?

The current market is increasingly oriented towards environmental sustainability and is looking for a natural product that is not harmful to the environment. This explains why organic and natural products are gaining a lot of market share.

What encouraged you to participate in the BESTMEDRAPE project?

Since 2018 I have been working to extract and commercialize grape seed oil. There have been some problems with the supply of seeds, in particular with the collection of seeds from the pomace, waste from the wine industry, and with the subsequent marketing. The fact that BESTMEDGRAPE brings together various stakeholders related to the valorisation of pomace, and that it brings together scientific and technological know-how, has allowed me to resolve the difficulties.

Some people are looking for stability and safe zones, so they will find a job. Others take risks, try many paths until they realize their dreams or fail to do so... where do you put yourself between these two categories and what do you say to other potential young entrepreneurs like yours who are waiting for their chance?

Personally, if I had been among those looking for solutions to facilities, I would have taken over my mother’s practice, it is a safe and certain job. On the contrary, my willingness to undertake and do something that I like pushed me to create this company, although I was well accepted by the covid, the political, economic, and social problems of Tunisia, I resist and persist has achieved my dreams.

Everybody has his way, motivations and expectations, but make your dreams a reality it is your decision and choice. Do not hesitate tried, failing is not a problem, but try nothing is dramatic.

Good luck Rafik!