BESTMEDGRAPE: new entrepreneurial ideas in France, discover the Vitacce project


In the framework of BESTMEDGRAPE project, a round table was jointly organised in Marseille (France), by INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) and the business incubator Inter-Made, for the development of synergies and for the enhancement of institutional and business capacity. It was addressed to public and private institutions and companies interested in the valorisation of wine by-products and in circular economy projects in general, as well as to consumers and end-users whose interest is oriented towards high quality eco-sustainable natural products.

Participants discussed about the main results achieved during the business creation path and the technological transfer held thanks to the Living Labs and of research results that can foster the emergence of new start-ups. Open discussion and exchange on the possibilities of future developments of the projects developed by the candidates; the needs and development objectives of the sector and future synergies.

Emanuele Schiavoni and Alice Rosa presented Vitacce, an ambitious and wide project that embrace several activities: collection and processing of grape pomace from local natural winegrowers, to produce vegetable oil from grape seeds and flour from pomaces.

Emanuele has a consolidated experience since he is the Director of Casa Consolat, a Cultural Association in Marseille dedicated to the circular economy. Alice has a strong experience with the study of plants (including grape) as she is the leader and the project manager of Cosmofolia, a project that questions the link between the human being and the world of plants.

Recently VITACCE project started a new incubation process (Candidature Couveuse Printemps 2023 at Inter-Made), and Emanuele and Alice are planning to reach a larger dimension than the one planned so far. Their project will cover new issues, like 1) Production and agroforestry: cultivation on living soil and according to agroecological practices, 2) Production of organic grapes, using ancient varieties, 3) Production of wine, grape juice and verjuice, using grapes and natural fermentations, 4) Direct sale and short circuit of products to private customers, restaurant owners and community canteens, 5) Recovery of winegrowing waste: production of grape seed oil and, in the long term, other high added value products (ceramics, cosmetics, grape marc flour, etc.), 6) Return of waste (pomace, stalks, etc.) as green manure, 7) Recovery of used containers (glass bottles) that are returned and reused.

This offer will be aimed at a variety of audiences: private individuals, canteens, farmers' grocery shops, restaurants. Finally, also education and awareness-raising will be covered: raising awareness among the general public on subjects relating to agroforestry, agroecology, natural wine, and waste management, beyond the organisation of events around wine and agroforestry, setting up of a digital data platform addressed to create a networking of winegrowers.


    The round table moderated by Paola Pinna (INSERM)
    The round table moderated by Paola Pinna
    Emanuele and Alice presenting Vitacce at the round table
    Alice Rosa