BESTMEDGRAPE Tunisia, a senior chemical engineering student sharing his story


Between the lanes of the technological transition period the world is currently witnessing, and the new innovative tech-oriented solutions young engineers are providing, some are ambitious, others broke the rules to inspire their success from nature.


Sofien Kouki, a senior chemical engineering student at the National Institution for Applied Science in Tunis, a front-end developer and the founder of the Startup Nation Tunisia community, is a non-typical engineer sharing his story with BESTMEDGRAPE. “I'm really fascinated by the entrepreneurial world! I’ve got many inspiring ideas that can help solve many domestic and international dilemmas.”

Many entrepreneurial experiences, intense courses, workshops and challenges in the bag gave him the opportunity to communicate with many entrepreneurs which revealed for him the secret recipe of the business world. When he saw a poster about BESTMEDGRAPE published in his university, he took the initiative and searched about the project, to find out that it is a very useful and interesting tool to extract a value and a profit from something harming our nature.

“I am extremely motivated and honored to be part of the important BESTMEDGRAPE family” he said, being BESTMEDGRAPE his primary step towards his life goals.

Sofien said that he cannot wait until he sees the himself reshaped by the project, as he saw the influence and transitional change added by this type of initiatives to his friends’ lives.

We asked Sofien about his expectation regarding the project and surprised us with a non-typical answer: entrepreneurial resources, a decent network, fruitful courses and a challenging exchange of ideas. Through BESTMEDGRAPE, Sofien is ready to cross the bridge of an idea to transform it into a proper startup.

“My future project is to found a startup which extract polyphenol from the waste of grapes and produce a bio-compost” Sofien affirmed, and expressed his vivid feelings about how nobel social entrepreneurship will be, if we can save the nature while valorizing waste and turn it into profit.

Last but not the least, behind his participation in the project, Sofien is targeting leveling up his skills, boosting his team work spirit to respond to his collaborative nature and turn to be a solution-oriented entrepreneur. We are impressed and proud to announce that he is also keen on producing and selling products in the foreign market.