CARISMED partners agreed in the 3rd Steering Committee the buildings where adaptive reuse practices will be applied


The Third Steering Committee meeting for CARISMED project was conducted in Tunisia over two days  May 9th – 10th , 2023 in the premises of Collectif Creatif located in the Medina of Tunis.

The meeting was an important opportunity to gather the partners at one table, discuss the project's critical topics and agree on a future plan for the last semester. The meeting was very fruitful and the main results were as follow:

1. Agree on the dates of conducting the workshops in each participating city with the aim to foster the cooperation among the key stakeholders and CCI SMEs.  These workshops will work as creative labs and will include training activities that provide necessary tools and services to enable the exchange of information, best practices and expertise among the participants.

2. Agree on the training topics and dates that will be delivered to the SMEs

3. Agree on the selected abandoned buildings in order to start the implementation of LCARS strategies in cooperation with the selected SMEs to be their studio lab

4. Collaborate efforts to promote the visibility of the project on the different social media channels

5. Discussed the financial issues and agreed on possible solutions  

The above decisions will support the successful completion of the project, meeting the scheduled deliverables and achieving the main aim of capitalization projects which is disseminating the good results and best practices of the previous projects included in the design of CARISMED