CEOMED attended the Spanish Roundtable for Waste Treatment (META) 2022


The conference took place from 1 to 3 June 2022 at the Instituto de la Grasa in Seville, and it was organised by the University of Cordoba, the University Pablo de Olavide and the Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC). The oral communication presented by Ángeles Trujillo was entitled “Identification for volatile compounds and microbial evaluation in agroindustrial waste valorisation through anaerobic digestion” , a work developed in the framework of the CEOMED project.This activity is the previous step for the piloting activities and contributes to optimising the mixtures in the process. 

The poster presented was entitled “Comparative Life Cycle Assessment between Landfill and Anaerobic Digestion Treatment of Agro-industrial Waste”. The environmental assessment let to identify the hotspots in the process cycle, ensuring the improvement in the final processing. In the case of CEOMED, the studies identify anaerobic digestion as the best solution to the landfilling practices from an environmental point of view.

This event drives the project to the scientific community to open the exchange of information to improve waste management results.

Good job to our Spanish partner,CSIC! Another successful event where CEOMED was present.