CEOMED inspires the Greater Municipality of Amman in organic waste management


During the last months, our colleagues from the University of Jordan were disseminating the concept of the CEOMED project, which focuses on anaerobic digestion for organic waste management. They did it across related stakeholders (technicians, staff, Research and Development, citizens and policymakers). The results of this work and efforts are the engagement of the stakeholders across the chain (the support of the Advisory board as a local municipality on waste management in Seville, LIPASAM)

The last one to join and follow the project is the Greater Municipality of Amman, which requested different analyses to replicate the process using other kinds of waste with multiple mixtures. It is for this that our Jordanian colleagues are experimentally demonstrating the efficiency of anaerobic digestion using: 

- food wastes, produced from large generators such as hotels, restaurants, and commercial establishments, 

- Green wastes, 

- Wastes from cut flowers market, and

- Horse manure

In this way, the final exploitation of the project has opened different valorisation routes implicating a wider range of actors and activities. The experiments are being conducted in two litters reactors in the University of Jordan facilities and under the same operational conditions previously defined in the optimisation task. 

Next step for the engagement of the citizens will be dedicated interviews in the market of Amman planned for the following weeks.