CEOMED in Jordan collected interesting information about people´s perception on waste management


At the beginning of September 2022, the University of Jordan, partner of CEOMED, collected interesting information in the open local market of Amman, the capital.

In the environmental and economic sustainability activity, the life cycle analysis will integrate the feedback from the social pillars. For this social evaluation, the University of Jordan team designed a specific questionnaire from critical actors at the Amman fruits and vegetables central market. The surveys were collected at the beginning of September and are now under review. Our team particularly enjoyed the stories of market people and learning more about the social sustainability concept. The results from these interviews and surveys are really interesting for the social pillar included in the CEOMED project, and our team discover interesting information as more than 58% of the participants think that the odour is not important for their well-being or more than 85% of them are not informed about the collection system in the market. Furthermore, when we asked about their role in waste management, around 75% of the responses were that they have no significant role in this activity.