CEOMED in Spain raises awareness about scientific research to the younger generation


CEOMED works on how to improve the organic waste management especially in fruit and vegetables markets. As 2021 was the year of Fruits and Vegetables, Ángeles Trujillo Reyes, our Spanish partner from the CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones científicas), decided to raise awareness about the importance of composting fruits and vegetables through a puppet theatre in the framework of the European Researchers´ Night.

On the 11th of February, during the week of International Day of Women and Girls in science 2022, Ángeles also decided to promote scientific careers. She presented CEOMED project to students from 4- 16 years old at three different educational centres in Seville. Furthermore, she created an avatar of herself as a woman in science. This series of events in educational institutions will continue during the following months. The next event will be on the 1st of April via teleconference with the students of Juan Bautista Zaidín in Huesca. You can see the avatar of Ángeles here.

Continuing with the Scientific-educational events, during the week “Coffee with science”, (12 November, 2021) our colleague gave 3 different seminars and developed a roundtable where they shared their experience about CEOMED, encouraging the non-graduate students to choose a scientific career.

Finally, coinciding with the Culture week of IES Amurga Maspalomas (16 of March of 2022 in Gran Canaria), Ángeles participated in an open conference about her scientific career, role in CEOMED and the work at the laboratory scale.

Thanks, Ángeles, for encouraging young people to investigate. Science is the future, and the future is young people. Image removed.

Do you want to know more about future events? Stay tuned to this website!