CEOMED in Tunisia conducted surveys about waste management in local open market in Sfax


​The team of the Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax, Tunisian partner of CEOMED, collected information through surveys during the last month. It interviewed 40 men with different educational levels who frequently attend Sfax local open market. After gathering the data, the results will be treated and evaluated by the Democritus University of Thrace, Greek partner of CEOMED. In the first stage of the evaluation, we can observe that around 95% of the people understand the significance of waste collection carried out by CEOMED project in this area, but only 50% believe that this approach will have a direct impact on their lifestyle. These first results allow us to define a new strategy in which the message to be spread should be more adapted to the whole public in open markets. 

The Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax team into the local market warehouse after conducting the interviews

During the following weeks, the final evaluation will be established and CEOMED team will publish it.