Children from the schools of Santu Lussurgiu (Sardinia) celebrate water and the MEDISS, MEDWAYCAP and MENAWARA projects

The one celebrated in Santu Lussurgiu (Sardinia) on the occasion of World Water Day was truly a wonderful event. About two hundred primary and secondary school pupils and teachers showed their creativity in addressing issues related to water with singing, writing, drawing, the application of digital techniques and land mapping.
The importance of water for the local community (the surrounding area is the richest in groundwater in Sardinia) only partially explains the success of the event: the prompt response of the mayor Diego Loi, of the vice-mayor Francesca Citroni, of the head teacher Patrizia Atzori and all the teachers to the proposal of ENI projects involving Sardinian partners, shows the great awareness that only through the early involvement of children and communities is it possible to plan a sustainable development that will ensure a future of well-being even tomorrow.
For the MEDISS, MEDWAYCAP and MENAWARA projects it was also an opportunity to disseminate their activities and EU cooperation policies in the Mediterranean area. Therefore the researchers thank all the participants and Paola Ghiglieri, who brought the memory of her brother Giorgio, protagonist of the research and international cooperation projects of the two Sardinian Universities for the improvement and protection of water resources.