A closer look at NEX-LABS Agora: publications and open calls are the main two typology of contents indexed

NEX-LABS project agora

After one year since its launch we want to analyze the articles indexed by NEX-LABS Agora focusing our attention on the typology of the published contents.

As you can see in the infographic below we have extracted the top 10 content types, which appear in the following order: Publications, Open calls, Web conferencing, Webinars, Videos, Data, Interviews, Newsletters, Surveys and Podacasts.

The most numerous group with 100 articles is composed by Publications: here you can find reports, position and white papers, scientific articles, studies and reportages. 

Users can refine this type of search by combining these entities with a more specific one.  For example,  you may want to be updated on “Publication” only in “Lebanon”, therefore you can select this additional entity, as showed at this link.

The second most populated content type are the Open Calls. You can select it if you are looking for Call for abstracts, Call for Participation, Call for Papers, Call for Offers in the Mediterranean. By following this entity, you can be updated every day on what institutions, universities, private sector and research centers are looking for.

Webinars, web conferencing and videos are the entities with the biggest increase: surely the restrictions due to Covid-19 had a strong influence on the use of these digital tools. 

Interviews and newsletters are stable, and - last but not least - podcasts are the "new-old" format increasingly used by many digital actors in the research and innovation field.

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