CLUSTER4GREEN along with TheMedNew Initiative will deliver capacity building services in eco businsses models and internationalization

Amman Chamber of Industry, Fadel Labadi

TEX-MED ALLIANCES Project, funded by ENI CBCMED programme, hold its final conference in Cairo on October 6 2022, and following to the successful evolution of TheMedNew Initiative,  a new alliance was established and joined by (25) textile and clothing enterprises form Spain, Italy, Greece,  Jordan , Tunisia , Egypt and Palestine in order to sustain  TheMedNew Initiative.

TheMedNew Initiative is considered to be capitalized within the frame work of the CLUSTER4GREEN Project. Therefore, Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) partnership in CLUSTER4GREEN will follow up to invite enterprises that joined the alliance to benefit from the services and activities that will be organized mainly in the area of capacity building of development of eco business models and benefiting from the internationalization opportunities made available by TheMedNew brand.  

The project partners intend to continue their support to the future development of TheMedNew. The Med New sustainable trade mark / brand will be managed by TEXFOR, while TheMedNew website will be managed and maintained by SEPEEE. All TEX-MED Alliances Partners will be supporting TheMedNew development through promoting the brand in their own events and media in order to keep enlarging the alliance with new member enterprises, as well as facilitation to share services such as participation to fairs. The members of the established alliance agreed on establishing constant communication among them, share information, share the organization and cost of common activities, while governance of the alliance will be ensured by a board elected members of the alliance. All enterprises that signed TheMedNew Alliance are local brands or manufacturers committed to TheMedNew Manifesto principles related to environmental sustainability, social fairness and Mediterranean style.

Furthermore, during the project final conference, the project partners and  enterprises   discussed different approached to sustain the TheMedNew initiative through the established alliance such as promotion of TheMedNew brand and website , updating the photos of the fashion collections on the website ,  also request for membership fees to join the alliance. They agreed to organize a group pavilion of TheMedNew Brand  at the Athens Fashion  Trade Show that will take place in Athens next January, 2023 .