CLUSTER4GREEN develops an impact rating score to assess and support the sustainability of Mediterranean companies

Zoé Luçon, Senior Expert, ANIMA Investment Network

With the support of Cluster4Green sustainable investment programme, Egyptian, Jordanian, Lebanese and Tunisian companies are supported to adopt new business practices to enhance their sustainability. Awarded companies get vouchers of consultancy services aiming at identifying and implementing priority actions generating more economic performance and positive impacts for their territories. Benefits include optimised performance in terms of resource consumption, human resources loyalty, enhanced innovative processes, better corporate reputation and recognition from the markets etc.

National sustainable investment programmes are organised by Berytech in Lebanon, Confédération des Entreprises Citoyennes de Tunisie – CONECT in Tunisia, the Federation of Egyptian Industries – FEI in Egypt and the Ammam Chamber of Industry in Jordan. Companies selected through calls for applications and pitching sessions receive individual coaching to score their sustainability impacts and implement new sustainable business practices.

GARBALISER, Lebanon waste management, and Grade A, winners of Cluster4Green Sustainable investment pitching competition organised by Berytech (13 October 2022, Beirut)

The sustainability scoring and identification of priority actions for each company is implemented with IMPACT RATING, an online tool developed by ANIMA Investment Network, who coordinates the sustainable investment activities of Cluster4Green. IMPACT RATING online questionnaire consists of 90 questions associated with 33 criteria describing the company’s economic, social, environmental and territorial impacts, as shown below.

ACI, Berytech, CONECT and FEI partner with ANIMA to develop customised IMPACT RATING online tools based on targeted selections of criteria reflecting sustainability priorities in Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt. The IMPACT RATING scoring results of companies also provide an operational tool for measuring a company's contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs.

After Beirut and Tunis in October 2022, the next pitching sessions will be organised in Egypt (Techne Summit, 14-15 March 2023) and Jordan (April 2023). Stay tuned: the achievements of the winners will be promoted during national events that will highlight the results of Cluster4Green national investment programmes and identify options to sustain these pilot initiatives supporting more sustainable and efficient business practices in the Mediterranean.