CLUSTER4GREEN gathers SMEs, governmental institutions and NGOs in Amman to tackle the circular economy challenges in industry

ACI, Fadel Labadi

Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) organized the second open day and workshop on December 5th,2022  titled “Industrial  Sector and Circular Economy” within the framework of the ENIC CBC MED European project, where 85 participants attended from different categories such as SMEs members of ACI, governmental institutions and non governmental organizations.

The open day started with an opening session at which Dr. Nael Al Husami- General Manager of ACI  delivered a speech that confirmed the importance for Jordanian industries to switch to circular economy and green economy practices and sustainably measures in order to increase export competitiveness. Dr. Nael Al Husami added that ACI will work with the project partners from Italy, France, Spain, Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon to achieve  the Cluster4Green project objectives, share expertise and best practices as well as provide technical assistance and capacity building programs for Jordanian industries to switch to circular economy. Furthermore, Dr. Al Husami added that (ACI) already started to establish a national network for the Cluster4Green project joined by (13) stakeholders, and  it  will be expanded gradually to be joined by organizations,  SMEs and investors from  project partner countries.

Then Eng. Fadel Labadi – Project local manager delivered a presentation that highlighted the Cluster4Green Project main objectives and plans  followed by a presentation  by Dr. Jehad Al-Alsawareer – Consultant of the Jordanian Minister of Environment and Head of the Green Economy Unit about circular economy opportunities in Jordan highlighting the National Green Growth plan.

Then the second workshop started, where speakers  representing Jordan Ministry  of Energy & Mineral Resources  and the Ministry of Industry & Trade about  the available national  support  and programs  for the industrial sector to adopt sustainability measures and switch to green economy. The presentations covered the services of  The National Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Fund in addition to the services of the newly launched “Industrial  Development Fund”.
Eng. Rose Smadi – Head of Quality & Environment Section / Industrial Development Department delivered a presentation about  capacity and training programs planned by the Cluster4 Green project to target  SMEs , then another presentation about  ECO Business models- Canvas/ EMBRACE toolkit and plans in addition to technical assistance plans for SMEs.

The last presentation was delivered by Eng. Fadel Labadi about the network that ACI started to establish for the project highlighting the network objectives and upcoming activities, also indicated for the names of the Jordanian organizations  who joined the network among them ministries, governmental institutions, associations and non governmental institutions.

Then finally, an open discussion took place, where participants exchanged their views about several issues related to circular economy .