CLUSTER4GREEN presents a toolkit to transform linear business into circular in agro-food and wine sectors

Monia Cilento, Ass.For.SEO

The EMBRACE “Toolkit” (embrace -The embrace Toolkit is now available! ( a set of several instruments and tools which compose an innovative, user-friendly instrument addressed to SMEs, Intermediary Organizations (IOs) / Clusters, Policy Makers (PM) in agro-food and wine sectors engaged in transforming their businesses or “ecosystem” work streams in a circular way. 

The Toolkit consists of 18 main tools developed, fine-tuned and tested by the project partners on the main targets – SMEs, Policy Makers, Innovation Stakeholders – by developing the Embrace project (Interreg MED 2014-2020). 

It relies on existing experiences, tools and models, but represents a totally new and original methodology and product fine-tuned and ready to use. 

Based on the Toolkit, specific training contents for the activities addressed to SMEs, intermediaries (clusters) and policy makers have been developed and are available for use.

The Toolkit responds to the following questions:

“How to adapt and finalize the existing methodologies and tools needed to give support to SMEs in the design and implementation of their eco-innovation processes and business models to be compliant with Circular Economy and get funds for their projects?”

The documents that compose the toolkit are:

  1. User’s Guide addressed to different kind of users: SMEs, Policy Makers, Innovation Stakeholders: methodologies and tools fine-tuned to assist SMEs with Eco-innovation processes and business re-design The 18 Tools developed, from the Needs and Challenges to the Circular Transformation Roadmap
  2. Training contents supporting the Toolkit for the activities addressed to SMEs, intermediaries (clusters) and policy makers.

Around 90 companies got familiar with embrace Toolkit during the project lifetime.

Embrace Toolkit will be capitalized in Cluster4Green project (ENI CBC MED 2014-2020): CLUSTER4GREEN | ENI CBC Med.

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