Comics against marine litter: the recipe of the COMMON project for the Mediterranean Day


With what superpower would you save the Mediterranean from waste? This is the question of the COMMON project staff who, on the occasion of the Mediterranean Day, which is celebrated for the first time on November 28th, wants to raise awareness of the problem of plastic waste, which are increasingly present in our seas.

To defeat the marine litter it would take a super power, but which one? Those who answer will receive as a gift the official t-shirt of the project, illustrated by the Italian artist Giuseppe Palumbo: a "Duckzilla", a giant plastic duck that comes from the sea, in a tsunami of small and large waste.


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The Mediterranean Day, promoted by the Union for the Mediterranean on November 28, aims to highlight the region's common identity, heritage, history and culture. The ENI CBC Med Program is happy to join this historic moment with two specific activities that involve our community and our projects.