COMMON BEach CLEAN campaign: the engagement of the Tunisian Skanes Sérail hotel


Even a luxury hotel might take sustainability into consideration. The Skanes Sérail hotel, a luxurious hotel situated in the setting of the Skanes Monastir tourist area, wonderfully reflects the Arab and Muslim architecture, the very essence of the country's culture. Starting From this summer, on its main doors, there is only the COMMON Beach Clean decalogue. The Skanes Sérail Hotel, is one of over 100 structures that participated in the first edition of BEach CLEAN, the awareness campaign  generated from the need to protect the beaches environmental heritage and to promote a productive dialogue between tourist operators and citizens,  by sharing of a decalogue with ten good practices to follow  to improve waste management and to raise awareness about the consequences of waste disclaim .

We joined the Beach Clean Campaign, and we believe it is crucial to have clean beaches”, tells Mr. Nacef Saleh, manager of the establishment. There is not enough consciousness to environmental issues in this area, moreover, the work of the project and the related associations caring about beaches and sea is fundamental. Notre Gran Bleu, for instance, is an example”.

Yet, the customers of the structure seem to be sufficiently aware of the importance to be given to environmental sustainability. “Most of the guests take into account the importance of clean beaches, sea and environmental protection. During this summer, marked by the COVID emergency, we did not notice a big difference in the marine litter.   Although the potential presence of masks dispersed in the environment” comments Mr. Saleh.

Beach clean is not the first environmental campaign in which the property took part. The hotel recently hosted the release of a sea turtle and is actively involved in the protection of the coastal area, where the hotel is located Awareness campaigns are imperative” concludes Mr. Nacef. “We believe that this action will definitely improve the link between tourists and the environment due to their awareness about a better environment, in particular during this summer”.