COMMON: start of monitoring activities of beach litter in Tunisia


The morning of June 2nd will be dedicated to monitoring Goulette, a touristic beach near the capital Tunis.

A small appointment, in line with the COVID-19 directives, which only provides for the monitoring of waste on the beach and which, from 8.00 to 10.00 in the morning, will only be attended by some project managers specialised in marine litter. 

The event is an awarness activity of COMMON and CLAIM projects and it was born also to celebrate the World Environment Day with the support of the Blue Med initiative and the LMI Cosysmed .

The beach litter monitoring is a citizen science activity, a way in which people can meet science; it is aimed to involve public in science activities. The data collected by citizens are very important but, to be used in a proper way and to be scientifically reliable, they have to be taken very carefully. It is very important to follow the protocol and to be scrupulous in the counting and subdivision of the waste found in the list of items.

During the beach litter day, the COMMON beach litter manuals will be used and the data collected allow to get preliminary information for the study of the beached garbage phenomenon, and particularly focusing on quantity, trends and possible sources, in relation with the European Directive about Marine Strategy (2008/56/CE).

The information that we will obtain through these samplings will be useful to survey the amount of trash thrown into the marine environment but also its source and to act for finding specific solutions and for changing behaviours.