COMMON: the Italian Chamber of Deputies says yes to environmental protection in the Constitution


Another great green news from Italy. After the ban on disposable products, the final green light arrived from the Chamber of Deputies to the bill that provides for the inclusion in the Constitution of the protection of the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems. A beautiful and historic news for the country. "We are talking about a crucial issue linked to our planet, at the heart of world, European and youth mobilization policies, which could not be missing among the fundamental principles of our beautiful Constitution - says Stefano Ciafani, national president of Legambiente (Italian NGO and coordinator of COMMON project) - Now the hope is that our Country also passes from words to deeds by dealing more decisively and concretely with the great environmental issues, starting from the fight against the climate crisis and the spread of renewable energy plants, and the many unresolved problems with interventions, reforms and actions that go in the direction of environmental sustainability, innovation and the right ecological and energy transition".