COMMON project conducts beach litter monitoring activity in Lebanon


On the 7th of November 2020, under the local citizen science activities, the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve (TCNR), as partner of the EU-funded COMMON project, conducted the beach litter monitoring activity at TCNR beach and touristic zone, with the aim to quantify, characterize and report the presence of marine litter. The event has seen the participation of 15 volunteers from, among others, Al Afaak institute, Thought and Human Association, Al Tadamon social cultural association, Glimzi guest house, TCNR’s Advisory Board members, and volunteers. 

Before the monitoring activity, Dr. Nahed Msayleb, presented the beach litter guide, filling the general information about the beach, and the photo guide, and mentioned that 100 m long was chosen from the touristic zone, non-cleaned since 3 weeks will be monitored for beach litter categories and amounts. Then, participants will identify the main litter-type found, and actions can be taken to tackle it accordingly.

At the touristic zone of TCNR beach, the GPS location was taken at the beginning and the end of the selected 100 m-long zone. The wastes found were collected. Tourists were encouraged as well and assisted in collecting the beach litter. All collected wastes filled in bags were gathered and delivered to TCNR office, to be later counted and reported with the participation of students.