The COMMON project joins World Cleanup Day 2022


Many COMMON project partner organizations have joined International CleanUp Day to make this a successful year at World Cleanup Day.
This Sunday, to celebrate World Clean-up Day, Plasticaqquà is working with one of our partners, CIHEAMBari, and Sea Shepherd Italia, to clean up the beaches of mar Piccolo.
Plasticaqquà APS is an Italian active citizenship group born in 2013 in Apulia (Taranto), one of the pilot areas of the ENI CBC Med-funded COMMON (COastal Management and MOnitoring Network for tackling marine litter in Mediterranean Sea) project, that began to raise environmental awareness through the voluntary waste collection on the coasts of the “two seas of Taranto”: Mar Grande, a portion of the Ionian Sea, and the Mar Piccolo, a little bay formed by the peninsula of the old city. The association collaborates with many other groups, schools, and institutions; they have started an eco-library to donate books to those who give back plastic bottles and carry out eco-educational workshops for the little ones.
World Clean-up Day is a worldwide campaign to remove billions of pieces of trash from neighborhoods, beaches, rivers, lakes, trails, and parks — reducing waste and plastic pollution, improving habitats, and preventing harm to wildlife and humans.
The COMMON project aims to continue clean-ups every day of the year for a brighter, greener, and cleaner planet. By proactively removing trash and other plastic debris through major cleanups like COMMON Clean-up the Med, we can prevent pollution from entering our stormwater systems and flowing untreated into local waterways and the Mediterranean Sea.
Trash bags and gloves are supplied. Please Bring your Water Bottle and Items that provide sun protection (a shady hat and, of course, and wear protective shoes to prevent possible foot injuries and infections.

Taking simple actions every day will improve the quality of life for everyone around us.

To help expand the countywide experience, volunteers are encouraged to contribute to the cleanup’s impact through Facebook and Instagram by sharing images and videos showing themselves in action as they beautify their community. 
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To Join our friends from Plasticaqquà