COMMON project: a workshop to focus on marine litter impacts


The COMMON project team at the Institut National de Sciences et Technologies de la Mer, with the support of the Regional Activity Center for Specially Protected Areas of the UNEP/MAP, organized a workshop in Monastir entitled Marine litter: what danger for Marine and Coastal Protected Areas and endangered species? 

This two-day training course aims to improve the knowledge on the monitoring and assessment of the impact of marine litter on Marine and Coastal Protected Areas and endangered species. The first day of the training was devoted to present the Regional Plan on the management of marine litter in the Mediterranean, coordinated by the MAP secretariat and its components. It was the occasion to explore the results of the various projects carried out in Tunisia for the monitoring and evaluation of the impact of marine debris on marine biodiversity as well as in Marine and Coastal Protected Areas, but it was also an opportunity to focus on solutions and the plastic recycling ideas collected to fight this scourge.

The day ended with the broadcast of the awareness-raising video “Ecotips” produced as part of the COMMON project and which emphasizes the 10 golden rules or the 10 tips for reducing the impact of marine litter on the marine and coastal environment.

We thank the participants who represent the various local actors of the city of Monastir, for the exchange of information and the sharing of experience. We also thank the speakers for the quality of their presentations and the excellent support. We finally thank the SPA / RAC very much for the precious support.