The contribution of BESTMEDGRAPE scientific community: uses of grape pomace as source of bioactive compounds useful for the intestinal protection


From waste to health: sustainable and innovative exploitation of grape pomace

Let’s discover a set of scientific articles written by the project team focused on the uses of grape pomace as source of bioactive compounds, useful for the intestinal protection and microbiota fortification

  1. Advanced strategy to exploit wine-making waste by manufacturing antioxidant and prebiotic fibre-enriched vesicles for intestinal health

Grape extract-loaded fibre-enriched vesicles, nutriosomes, were prepared by combining antioxidant extracts obtained from grape pomaces and a prebiotic, soluble fibre. The formulations were highly biocompatible and able to protect intestinal cells from oxidative stress damage.

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  1. From waste to health: sustainable exploitation of grape pomace seed extract to manufacture antioxidant, regenerative and prebiotic nanovesicles within circular economy

Pomace seed extract loaded vesicles were prepared as promising technological and green solution to exploit agri-food wastes and by-products, and develop high value-added products for human health. An antioxidant extract rich in bioactive compounds was obtained from the seeds isolated from the pomace of Cannonau red grape cultivar. Overall results suggest the potential uses in food supplements for the treatment of intestinal disorders.

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  1. A green and cost-effective approach for the efficient conversion of grape byproducts into innovative delivery systems tailored to ensure intestinal protection and gut microbiota fortification

In this study, polyphenols contained in the grape pomace were extracted by maceration with ethanol in an easy and low dissipative way. A preliminary evaluation of the vesicle feasibility at industrial levels was also performed, analysing the economic and energetic costs needed for their production.

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  1. An outlook on modern and sustainable approaches to the management of grape pomace by integrating green processes, biotechnologies and advanced biomedical approaches

Grape pomace is the main solid residue of wine industry, mainly composed of seeds, skins and stalks, all containing high amounts of valuable phytochemicals. Considering its high potential, in this review, an outlook on different resources and products, which can be obtained by the recovery of grape pomace is provided.

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