The contribution of BESTMEDGRAPE scientific community: uses of grape pomace as source of bioactive compounds useful for the skin care


Innovation is one of the focuses of BESTMEDGRAPE; we want to share with the public the research products that constitute the scientific basis of our project and have been the object of the technology transfer toward the potential entrepreneurs involved in the project. 

Let’s discover a set of scientific articles written by the international scientific community involved in the project, focused on the uses of grape pomace as source of bioactive compounds, useful for the skin care: production of high value cosmetic and cosmeceutical products, or for combined therapies with approved anticancer drugs.

  1. Extraction of the antioxidant phytocomplex from wine-making by-products and sustainable loading in phospholipid vesicles specifically tailored for skin protection

This study is aimed at valorizing grape pomace, one of the most abundant winery-making by-products of the Mediterranean area, through the extraction of the main bioactive compounds from the skin of grape pomace and using them to manufacture innovative nanoformulations capable of both avoiding skin damages and promoting skincare.

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  1. Valorization of wine‐making by‐products’ extracts in cosmetics

Grape pomaces are considered of interest due to their high content in bioactive molecules, especially phenolic compounds. The latter can be recovered from grape pomace and used as active ingredients in easily marketable cosmetic products. Indeed, phenolic compounds are well known for their remarkable beneficial properties at the skin level, such as antioxidant, antiaging, anti-hyperpigmentation and photoprotective effects. This review aims to describe the strategies for recovery of polyphenols from grape pomace, to highlight the beneficial potential of these extracts and their potential utilization as active ingredients in cosmetic products.

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  1. Stability and antioxidant activity of hydro-glyceric extracts obtained from different grape seed varieties incorporated in cosmetic creams

Grape seeds are agro-industrial by-products, which if improperly managed, may be responsible for socioeconomic and environmental problems. Nevertheless, it is possible to effectively valorize them by means of extraction of the bioactive compounds, especially the antioxidant phenolic molecules, using a safe, green, and environmentally-friendly extractive medium (i.e., hydro-glyceric solution). This study supports the suitability of the incorporation of phenolic extracts into commercial creams to enrich the cosmetic industry with effective, natural, and safe skincare products.

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  1. Anti and pro-oxidant activity of polyphenols extracts of Syrah and Chardonnay grapevine pomaces on melanoma cancer cells

The phenolic composition of Syrah and Chardonnay grape pomaces was studied to assess their antioxidant and prooxidant properties. This study shows the potential of winemaking by-products and suggests the opportunity to exploit them for the production of cosmeceuticals, or for combined therapies with approved anticancer drugs.


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