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At CROSSDEV, 2021 will start with a special focus on tourist itineraries and tourist offer development.

A new cycle of seminars is starting on 13th January and will end on the 3rd of March. 

Seeing the participation of project partners’ staff and local stakeholders from the 5 project implementation areas in Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine, the seminars will be made of online lectures/workshops and offline/field activities to be carried out by each local working group. 

All groups will work towards the definition of their tourism destinations and will be assisted by Lead Beneficiary/CISP project coordinator and tourism expert in collaboration with Agenda21, Italy-based consulting agency with 20+ years of experience on environment, territory, sustainability, international cooperation, tourism development and participatory approaches.

This participatory and interactive process aims at:

A.           defining the unique selling proposition (generating theme) for each territory;

B.            increasing each other’s knowledge of the different proposals and territories;

C.            creating a common catalogue of tourist offers;

D.           defining the key and basic elements of the 5 proposals to be further developed.

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