CROSSDEV unveils logo for upcoming platform on sustainable tourism


After discovering together the name we choose for our upcoming platform – HIDDEN MEDITERRANEAN, Where Cultures Meet – today we are happy to show you the bright colours and symbolic shape of our brand-new logo.

Many meanings can be associated with this shape, and we invite you to find them all!

It is obviously an M, as the initial letter of our beloved Mediterranean, the sea that unites us all and brings us together.

It is a temple, a sacred place of peace, and a symbol of the willingness of recognizing and understanding each other.

It is, when watched upside-down, the shape of a person with open arms, a loving and welcoming gesture that symbolize the way our project’s destinations in Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine are ready to welcome responsible tourists inviting them to discover their most hidden treasures.

Finally, the logo proudly exhibits five bright colours that you will find, in the new platform, associated with each one of the five destinations.

Keep following us as we will soon unveil the new platform, where tourists will be able to get information on the five destinations so to start planning their trips!

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