CROSSDEV: workshop sessions on territorial marketing


CROSSDEV’s second year of implementation is starting with a number of activities aimed at promoting the (so far) less-known destinations of Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine which are at the centre of the project.

With this in mind, partner CoopCulture is organising a series of workshops in order to train local partners in the use of an innovative web platform created to market all upcoming tourist itineraries created by the project.
Besides, a cycle of seven workshops on Territorial Marketing is about to start. All CROSSDEV partners will attend.

To start, the first workshop will give a general overview on what is Territorial Marketing and why the use of it is so strategic. After that, each partner will be involved in individual sessions dedicated to each area. The last workshop will then gather all partners together again in order to share ideas and plans to work together and cooperate for cross-promotion.

Starting on November 4th, this series of events will be held online, a usual and familiar location in this peculiar pandemic era. The workshops series will be led by of one of most important Italian experts on Territorial Marketing and Communication, Professor Stefano Landi of LUISS University

CROSSDEV partners will focus on:

• Territory, brand, tourism products, construction of individual and network experiences.

• Territorial and tourism marketing.

• Cross-sectional and comparative analysis of Local Action Plans.

During the individual workshops each partner will get:

• A synthetic illustration of the Local Action Plans by the project partners

• A critical analysis and discussion on such LAPs conducted by professor Landi

• A study of the local knowledge and planning framework

• Local SWOT highlights

The final workshop, common to all areas, will help to elaborate on:

• Main findings of the Local Action Plans analysis

• Objectives achieved and challenges (general SWOT)

• Opportunities for individual areas and partners

• Networking opportunities


All events are reserved to the CROSSDEV Partners.


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