CEOMED Online market place

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Employing circular economy approach for OFMSW management within the Mediterranean countries
4.2 Waste management
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CEOMED Online market place
The online market place is one of the main results of CEOMED project. This online, high-resolution Anaerobic Digestion (AD) large scale piloting framework will be used as a help for decision making tool by public and private stakeholders in the valorisation of the organic fraction of waste with the agronomical use of digestate in a circular model. This framework will deliver the optimal technology and configuration to produce two products from the organic fraction of waste:
1) biogas produced by the AD;
2) the fertilizer from the digestate produced by the AD process.
A Digestate Calculator for determining the amount of digestate as fertilizer to be used for specific crops has been developed. Furthermore, a mathematical model has been developed and deployed in an IT tool to regulate microbial competition and maximize COD degradation and biomethane yield. Users will be able to simulate their Anaerobic Digestion process through this tool and analyze the results as a help in the making decision process on circular organic waste management. Additionally, the business model on organic waste valorization will be set with a marketplace to connect any potential stakeholder. The online, high-resolution AD piloting framework will be deployed for free in English, Arab, and French in order to maximize the CEOMED approach along the Mediterranean basin.
E-tools and platforms
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Climate change and biodiversity ; Waste and pollution
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