Developing services with social value through public-private partnerships: the MoreThanAJob local seminars in Italy


Improving the cooperation between Social and Solidarity Economy "SSE" actors and Public administration  "PA" representatives in the contexts in which they operate could lead to the development of effective and innovative services capable of responding to the social and economic challenges in our society. The Covid-19 pandemic has further emphasized the need for strong welfare systems to protect the most vulnerable groups of the population, promote the construction of more equitable societies and guarantee equal opportunities and rights to all citizens.

MoreThanAJob wants to contribute to improving the way SSE actors and public institutions work together to provide more effective services for citizens. To this end, it aims to support the development of new experimental interventions, as well as to analyze and provide suggestions to improve existing policies to better respond to the needs of vulnerable people at risk of social and labour marginalization.

As part of the MoreThanAJob project, CESIE, our Italian partner, is organizing a cycle of seminars focused on the cooperation between private and public actors with the aim of promoting a participatory reflection on resources, means and competences existing on the territory, on the one hand; encouraging the systemization and sharing of existing social and welfare initiatives, on the other. 

The first meeting will be held on the 28th of April from 10.00 to 12.30 (CEST) and will focus on the importance of cooperation between public and private actors in order to strengthen the inclusion of vulnerable people and citizens' access to services.

More information on the event, on how to register and on the agenda can be found at this link (Italian only):