Don't WASTE the future - A gathering to transform Lebanon's waste landscape


In a world where environmental concerns have never been more pressing, the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU) at the American University of Beirut is taking proactive steps to address Lebanon's waste challenges. ESDU is organising the "Don't WASTE the future" event, a pivotal gathering under the DAWWERA initiative that promises to shed light on the path to a more sustainable tomorrow. 

Scheduled for September 29, 2023, this event will serve as a rendezvous for municipalities, experts, Community-Based Organisations (CBOs), and both local and international organisations. The event will showcase the invaluable findings of two pioneering projects spearheaded by ESDU: Med4Waste and WASTE. 


Med4Waste, operating under the ENI CBC Med program, is a dynamic initiative focused on promoting optimised waste management governance models within the Mediterranean region. It's a testament to cross-border collaboration and the pursuit of sustainable practices that transcend borders. On the other hand, the WASTE project, funded by the U.S. Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), has been at the forefront of the battle to address Lebanon's pressing solid waste management issues. With a keen focus on involving young minds and engaging local communities. 


Event Details: 

  • Date: September 29, 2023 

  • Time: 2:30 pm - 5:45 pm 

  • Location: American University of Beirut