Draft clustering road map for Irbid city, Jordan under the INNOMED-UP Project.


INNOMEDP-UP Project Partner Future Pioneers (FPEC) has implemented various actions including the completion of 33 Surveys by SMEs which facilitated the development of the draft clustering roadmap for Irbid city. In addition, FPEC was capable to complete the Strategy design for Specialization of the INNOMED-UP Holistic Approach at Jordan level and achieved an outstanding progress in conducting the circular economy training for two groups with a total number of 30 SMEs over 12 days for each group. FPEC specialized trainers prepared the relevant training materials, interactive exercises, and pre/post questionnaires. A group of trainers with diverse backgrounds participated in the training to ensure delivering comprehensive knowledge that will help the SMEs to improve their circular products to be innovative ones. The training resulted with several innovative products.

Regarding community engagement, FEPC was capable to conduct community workshop to engage the local community to be part of the clusters. 10 SMEs were selected to host the 10 smart bins. 23 people attended this workshop. Simple MOUs will be signed with these people. The first Smart Bin has been constructed benefiting from National Technical University of Athens platform, and the smart bicycle is under progress benefiting from local resources. A MOU was signed with Municipality of Irbid, Irbid Chamber of commerce, Irbid Chamber of Trade in order to facilitate the communication with relevant SMEs, facilitate adoption of circular economy practices, and ensure proper support at the decision makers’ level. Lastly, Info point has been established and there was a proper media coverage.

FEPC will ensure announcing for grants for the innovation products & innovative products, and it will complete the construction of the 10 bins and the smart bicycles. Also, it will lead launching of the third awareness campaign focusing on clusters, innovation and mentorship.